Decorating kitchen orange tone fashion

Who says that the orange does not combine into a kitchen ? Stay and read this post because you will see how not only looks good, but it will give much more life and enhance the place where you create your best recipes. The kitchen is the place where one more is, if a housewife. Also if cooking is our passion, therefore, it should look just as attractive to the living room or bedroom. And indeed, this appeal does not give a good kitchen appliance or a super cooler, but the decoration in general harmony between form and color of things.


And the latter is what this post: color. Because, as we know, is the color that determine the “life” to be the place. Whether your kitchen is large or small, the color will be crucial to give breadth or narrowness, or shade to brighten.

Among the range of colors you can choose for your kitchen, I suggest one that, most would not choose but that is one very good: the orange. I love this color because it is fresh, simple, cheerful, strong and sparkling. A color that will put you in a good mood when preparing food, which is basic. But, you know how the food is. So then I’ll show you some models and ideas for your kitchen remains regal … and orange!

Decoration in orange
Start cooking with this model. Look, even though it looks small, orange walls do nothing but give a lot of life, not belittle it. I like it because, in addition, has been careful that the smallest details are also oranges, as the apron that hangs on the door and the pan is on the stove.

The orange walls in fine contrast to the bright colors of the door, window frame and cupboards. gives balance and vitality. I really like the finish, looks beautiful and loving home that we always seek in this area of ​​the house. So to decorate your kitchen orange, you have the first option and paint the walls that color. However, if you think that orange is too strong, that does not mean you should banish from your ideal color palette kitchen. Cleverly combining this color test otherwise,Look what idea, the walls are still light color (or a color that is not orange), however, look how well have known this color insert in the furniture. It is a fiery orange, super happy and vital, which is not only furniture, but some of the objects in the kitchen. To give excellent contrast, these furniture are also black.

Combine all this with the walls and floors clear, is super. Ah! and as additional detail, look at the plants on the microwave. Great, right? In this picture you can see a model in which the orange is less invasive, but that, too, sets the tone.How well this color is inserted in the furniture and artifacts recessed cupboard. Only there, discreetly, and changed the face of the once sober and modern kitchen. Imagine it only with black and gray colors that have or with cream-white … very poor, right?

This other kitchen orange is a treat. I love it because, being small space, looks beautiful and attractive. Here too, the orange is inserted through the furniture, and how! I love the detail of the refrigerator. Causing a desire to have a refreshing frozen orange juice ….
Finally, if you want you can opt for lighter orange tones and use them or not combined with other colors. Look at the picture below, has been mixed in decorating other colors such as green and black. Is not it looks great? as in the example of the picture as follows:


decorating in orange





Orange kitchen Design Ideas