Decorating living room in summer

Are you looking forward to the summer? Well in a few weeks we’ll have here! So, what do you think if you make a few small changes in your home to welcome the warmer season of the year? Without doubt, one of the most appreciated stays a change of scenery at this time of year is the living room, since it is also the place where we spend more time, either alone or with family and friends. So then we will give you tips to decorate this place so important to the house before it reaches the desired summer.


To give you a breath of fresh air to your living room, the best thing to do is change the color of the walls, choosing light colors that bring freshness. Undoubtedly, white is the color requested, which can combine with azulaes toned textiles, green or yellow. Also you can dare with a blue sky that gives the living room a Mediterranean look .

And speaking of textiles, we recommend you replace the curtains thick and heavy for lighter fabrics and natural cotton or linen. You should also keep the carpets and rugs in flannel and velvet. If you can, take the opportunity to change the cover of the sofa and cushions with more fine in cold tones.

The For furniture, the best are neutral tones and low altitude parts. This would not be partial recharges space and ventilation of the room. If you can not afford some new furniture, you can make a strategic change of furniture: Garden furniture can have a prominent place in the classroom.

Decorative elements
As you can imagine, the possibilities of decorative elements for rooms in summer are endless. You’ll be able to opt for white color scented candles, vases and glass bottles with flowers or fresh fruit, among many other items.





Living-room in summer