Decorating with brown tones

Brown is a neutral color which, if not properly used, may saturate the environment that we decorating and neutralize the remaining colors.
But if we consider that many of the furniture we have at home are of this color, in varying degrees of intensity, we can give an idea of how to make it work in our rooms.


The truth is that it is brown, a priori, there are reservations when it has to use, and it may seem a serious color, grim and unflattering. But nothing is further from reality. The trick is to introduce small touches of dark tones and carefully combine them with other colors.
In the color spectrum, brown is known as a tertiary color because it comes from the mixture of three primary colors, usually red, green and blue. The most used brown tones are brown decor coffee, chocolate brown, chestnut, brown, cinnamon and hazelnut.

Different hues that break with the severity of darker brown and bring light to the interiors. In interior design, brown sometimes may “mute” to other colors, so we’ll have to play with colors white, ocher, cream, blue, salmon and beige, or opt for a more colorful by mixing in small amounts with other colors more vivid.

What you have to keep in mind is that the neutral brown tones amplify the dimensions of a room, while darker shades offer a sense of comfort and security and adapt very well to the rustic atmosphere.
In these images you will find inspiration for making a good choice of colors.

One of the trendy colors of bedroom decor is chocolate brown. Because it combines perfectly with all decorative styles of the different environments of home, especially the bedroom. It is a tone that conveys a positive energy charge if employed in adequate amounts. Employment in the room design color chocolate brown in hue can be oriented toward use in different furniture and decorative accessories, curtains, rugs, lamps, walls, etc. The main thing is to know how to integrate the chocolate color in harmony with the whole.

Today we offer bedroom designs in chocolate, beautiful pictures of decorated double bedrooms with chocolate furniture, elegant rooms in different styles decorative brown walls, which we hope will serve as inspiration for decorating ideas and integrate this fashionable color in decorating home interiors.

Here I bring you several decorating ideas brown rooms. Decorate the room with a certain color is fashionable, looks modern and elegant at the same time. Hope you like this type of decoration brown rooms:

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brown and blue living ideas

brown living decorating ideas

-brown living-room

brwon color living-room



living room decorating brown and blue