Decoration hydraulic tile floors

The tile mosaic or hydraulic , is a pigmented cement decorative piece. It is used for both indoor and outdoor, and it was very common in houses of the early twentieth century.It was invented in France by the end of the century, and was used until 60. Piece by piece is manufactured in metal molds, for the application of color and then were pressed in a hydraulic press, hence its name. No need cooking, and its usual format was square in sizes ranging from 10 × 10 cm. to 40 × 40, but the most common was the 20 × 20 cm.

hydraulic tile floors

Was produced as an alternative to natural stone, and in the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1867 , a company called Garrett, Rivet and CIA , the presents with floral designs, geometric or vegetable. Nouveau great designer designs the time for these soils performed either for an assembly, or more pieces to be combined with each other. An example was the works of Gaudí.

Loft, Casa Batllo by Gaudi. The soil hydraulic architect’s design.
Today with the rehabilitation of old buildings are becoming fashionable again. In reforms, if they are, you try to leave rehabilitating them.While a decade ago, if they were, unfortunately destroyed by other options. Luckily, there is more awareness that currently allows, recover.
– Reform flat in Madrid, where the soil hydraulic rehabilitate, recovering.
These soils personality and give a vintage touch to the space, so current these days. In bathrooms, as in this example, gives something casual elegance and sophistication to the space.

Currently, there are products that have wanted to imitate as porcelain or ceramic, but its cement surface finish, makes them unique.

Not a cheap material for manufacturing its shape, but not leave anyone indifferent. When manufactured piece by piece, you could say it’s craft. This video demonstrates how this process manufacturing, one by one.

We recommend as a material for your reform. If you consider it, because being a cement surface, think of the spots. There are numerous products on the market, such as varnish, to protect the surface of this problem, and prolong its life time.



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