Decoration idea: a greenhouse in a loft!

Come with the fashion of lofts, large open living rooms are more prevalent in homes and apartments. But if the very open spaces (even completely open as in the lofts of purists see) are dreaming, focus them is just as complicated to build a small apartment. Exercise tips to make the room warm despite its dimensions, defining (but without a partition) its different area to avoid creating a place stripped.

Decoration idea a greenhouse in a loft (1)

Many solutions are possible: paint a wall of color to mark the kitchen, create a platform to install the living room, put a suspension above the table to eat, play with different flooring, create a cube in the middle of the loft and install an office… As always planning, the only limit is the imagination! The evidence with this contemporary greenhouse rusty metal. With its romantic side, if you come across in houses of the world or in a Garden Centre she won’t keep certainly your attention.

Decoration idea a greenhouse in a loft (3)

And yet… Once installed in a loft she totally abandons his country spirit for the industrial style Recalling the old workshop windows. You can then build a workspace that will have the look of office of foreman in the middle of your loft. It was enough to think! This greenhouse designed by Interior architect Frédéric Tabary is sold houses in the world which offers it also in version demi-serre € €1 999 3 499.

Decoration idea a greenhouse in a loft (2)