Decoration ideas for children libraries

I started cole and children safe at home begin to appropriate as there is free space to put your books and notebooks. Remember when you were in elementary school? The books could go with you everywhere and not to mention the books, they could finish in the room even mom and dad. How do you do to maintain order at home and make the books are in place? A small space in your room or a place at one end of the room can be perfect to put a reading room or a small children’s library.


The children’s library should not be understood as the place where the child bored come just to see science and math texts but as that other space after the quarter in which you can find different entertainment and fun. From this view, the children’s library at home should have these elements.

Adventure books and stories: the most get their attention and about which more can be learned. Take it to an adventure in the jungle or a pirate ship will love and begin to awaken their curiosity about these issues.

Material: cubes, lego, organizing boxes, puppets, musical instruments and all that can complement what they are able to learn from the stories and books that you included.
Fun music: relaxing music CDs, music, instrumental music, including classical music if you will. All such material will serve to concentrate sound better to read and get in tune with the stories.

Costumes and Puppets: so you can actually lead to different people, learn to read and keep improving their self-esteem through the practice.

The idea of having a small space for your books and materials seem very nice, in fact I like it and I think it would consider for my nephews, they are bigger. If you need to have it soon, here I leave you with some ideas of furniture you might need.
The organizers of books have very different models and adaptable according to the space available. You can transform a conventional shelf and paint it bright colors or their favorite. The simplest can be placed on the wall to decorate with colorful stories.

Basic to start having at least one large bookcase furniture. We can organize the books according to the theme: science, adventures, stories, comics, activity books and all you find.
I suggest you have on Comes Alive with organizing books as integration activity for both. You can make some labels with colored paper, markers and stickers so they can identify everything according to color, or you create more convenient.

The reading time should be comfortable for the small and it is advisable to procure a safe and clean for you to read. A carpet from colors or details of animals is an option you can get on the market (many models and prices) and that will definitely give more life to the space.

Another option is safe and comfortable wooden chairs, small and perfect for you to take the hint that you like and sit it without help. These are safer and can be purchased in various colors and shapes.

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