Decoration of formal living rooms

When it comes to choosing a decorative design to the room, you can find the most amazing variety of approaches. How are you formal living rooms , that have a number of characteristics in common: sophistication, elegance and balance.

Villa living room Interior Design

If you consider yourself an inveterate lover of classic rooms and formal style, do not miss this fantastic opportunity to choose one of the following ideas for decorating HogarTotal has gathered for you. Are you ready?

Ideas for decorating formal rooms
Living room with fireplace
Nothing is more formal and traditional than decoration with an inglenook fireplace , an excellent opportunity for decorating small spaces . Do not forget to include a few couches and some flowers to create a warm home environment.

Neutral colors
Neutrals that allow us to create the perfect setting to get quite a mix of eclectic objects and balanced. In this case the chimney may be an optional element, but basically the idea is to keep the traditional focal point. The essence is first.

Blinds and curtains
To maintain the solemnity of the living room, do not hesitate to include these tables blinds combine well with a thick curtains . Do not forget to add some comfortable cushions on the chairs and enjoy a cozy, comfortable and classic.

Traditional chandelier
And we could not forget the enormous influence of traditional chandeliers , they insert a formal concept and classic to the atmosphere of a room . It is impossible to think of a classic living room without a large chandelier.

Contemporary and modern
The traditional word need not be understood as an outdated concept. Do not lose touch of modernity when choosing a design for your living room . You see, this contemporary works 100%.

Luce environments in your home with this unique and magical peculiarity of conventional rooms. Combine it with a classic dining decor   and owns a home feel with traditional style.

colorful furniture living room





living room with portaits