Decorative week


Here we are another Sunday with this winter spring and a little slump, as always after the holidays. But, putting on a brave face, took the opportunity to get into the Blogosphere national and international decorative and between Easter bunnies and spring cleaning, finding blogs that we liked.

And speaking of the inevitable spring cleaning, My World Philips advises us to avoid seven attitudes to make cleaning less cumbersome than it is usually. In seven mistakes of housecleaning to avoid spring , find the best routines.


Comfortable Interior showed us a restaurant in Rome, which given its decoration not think miss when you travel to the Eternal City. Kook Rome is a small restarta the outskirts of Rome, decorated by Architts Noses where functionality and design merges with surprising touches like chester sofa in the middle or the tree in a glass case that divides the space.

A blog that always inspires, even simpler environments is Argentina Chaucha House, the hall we propose pastel seems very suitable for the entered station.

And if quiers making pillows different, based on photos, it’s best to shop around Poppytalk , your DIY are always great, but this one seems custom cushions that can flip to any interior.

The Interior Decorator Blog James Snowden leads to a Victorian bathroom can be as English as a bathroom in the field (no carpet) in your Blog Fiderskeeper smarket . The door, the tub and especially the mirror with an antique wooden box wine as overflowing sidewalk have charm and elegance.


Finally, back at home, it’s time to fill the seed for our urban gardens and balconies are full of fruits in summer. If you have little sun in your garden maceto not suffer. All fruits that grow in the forest in the shade of huge trees are waiting for the plantes. Check out how easy it is to grow in the Citizen’s Blog 0.0.

That you spend a good Sunday and a great week.