home rose decorations


As every Sunday, it’s time to review what has been on whether the blogosphere decorative. I thought I’d find much decoration for Valentine but apparently must be holding back for this week because I have not seen many romantic overtures.

Virlova Style is one of the exceptions and are carried away by the romance. Here, we propose a visit to a home ideal for Valentine’s Day. I do not mind spending 14 February there … nor the rest of the year, mind you.

Another option related to Valentine can be make a decorative gift. There are some that we propose in eBayers Decoesfera but I also have taught some alternatives beyond the traditional hearts.


For those who like to decorate with flowers, you can not miss the post at Red Star , which speaks of the florist of Sally H. Hambleton Madrid that a few lines of those that will not only make your home more beautiful but also the will scent, plus a wonderful flower arrangements. Well, you do not need to wait for spring to have a flowery home.

We continue our tour of the cafeteria you see leading the post we are taught in Palmichula stuff . Café Sofa is called and is in Sao Paulo. Each of the chairs, armchairs and sofas of this establishment are different and maintain a vintage that I love coffee. Also reminds me a bit at Central Perk from Friends, what you do not?

Our former colleague Etxecodeco offers us a tour of stylish children’s rooms. I think I’ve said here, but is that known houses get tired of seeing the same pattern to decorate the children’s bedroom where in the world there are many options with class and more original.


In The Bureau invites us to meet the artist Shyama Golden of San Francisco. His work is amazing and your home is wonderful, why deny it? I tell you, do not lose sight.

For those who are looking for inspiration for clothing walls, I recommend you give them a tour of One Happy Mess , where we propose from traditional paintings or mirrors to other more advanced options. I think you are going to find your favorite decoration.

We ended up with a question that is not strictly decorative but affects all households, as is the new energy bill, which we explained in detail in Orange . As always, the ideal is to have appliances that are efficient and properly insulate the house in order to save as much as possible.

We buscano answers to our question of the week: What flavor you prefer in your home? And if you know of a blog that should appear in this section, we will be happy to meet you in our form of contact. Seize your need of Carnival and see you next week!