Design laundry area in bathroom

? How to put a sink in a small bathroom ? Here’s a video of Ikea where you get some tricks to get it. And is that Ikea has launched special Small Spaces where we can learn to take advantage of the different spaces of the house.

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The theme for the Nordic like to put the washing machine in the bathroom has been present in many of your comments. Today I bring you some examples and also I want to tell something more about it. Generally people living in a house, usually the washing machine at the entrance, which is usually an enclosed area of ​​housing for coats, store, laundry, boilers, etc.. If the house has two entrances, something also common, would be in the back door, so to speak, not the main entrance of guests. If the house has a basement, the laundry is usually there.

With respect to the people who live in apartments have never seen a washing machine in the kitchen, unless it’s a very small old apartment, where most residents have communal laundry with scheduled days to use it (well lived a season in Denmark and was a bummer, because the day I had to do laundry, was whether or if: O), so there are people who find it a place where you can. Generally, if the apartment is about 70 m² or more the washer and dryer if space is always in the bathroom.

I know that many will seem strange, but for me it may be more practical. The kitchen is the logical place to do laundry and less have the dryer, but in the bathroom yet almost all have the dirty laundry basket and is a room where we showered, so that the process just continues. What think you? Do you think the bathroom adequate room to have the washing machine?

In this case, we can see a bath of 2.7 square meters in which, taking advantage of the vertical space and good lighting is created to a casting zone without bath overwhelmed.
For that, my boyfriend has stuck this morning and the beating is finally all finished, well for lack of details … but already operational, and what I can teach you: D That was when we got the floor: The bathroom in our room was also full, and did not want to have the washer and dryer in the kitchen, so we decided to remove the bidet (which Anyway, as I was in was verynarrow step into the tub …) and move the sink, to put the washing column, so that was the first step: Once done, we realized that the original idea of returning to put the same sink was not good, because it was too deep … so we look for one with less background, choosing to decorate everything in white and aluminum to give unity to the washing column (integrating, rather than trying to hide the obvious … if you can not beat them, join them lol). That does not mean that we have put a few pictures for me are fresh and evoke nature, trying to be the ones that take the spotlight, not the washing column. And everything, trying to spend less .

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Design laundry area in bathroom

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laundry area in bathroom

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laundry room in bathroom

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