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Rest assured, the wooden furniture is not always a natural color and a classic look. For modern interiors, wooden furniture features clean lines and contemporary look. Color and design for children room When red is used in decoration How to choose garden furniture .

incredible modern wood furniture

A beautiful wooden kitchen
Drawing Ironwood, Franco Raggi wanted to show the aesthetic possibilities of wood. Simple and genuine Ironwood combines the beauty and strength of steel to wood. This is a very low table height of 30 cm, with a dark color. The base plate is made of sheet steel and solid wood legs phosphate. Deco ideas and advice: go for the ease of use in the dining room Decoration for Valentine’s Day Interior Design, a reliable guide in the arrangement of interior decoration

A very exotic wooden table
The home decor leans toward the natural color of the wood? Choose a design coffee table of this trend. This is the case of the model of the brand Umbra Mimosa. With a tray and a compartment for storing magazines, this model fits acacia in any decor. Mimosa design also brings a little more with your legs at an angle. Feng Shui Style Art Race: an unlimited choice of options Source environment garden in your custom property .

A table and a wooden chair
Habitat is a benchmark for design furniture and modern interiors brand offers a wide selection of wooden sofas. For a plush sofa, design and show the originality of wood, find Chester. A range of chairs and sofas by the structure is solid wood. Presented in a wooden base, a little retro. The wood in the heart of the pure Scandinavian design, curtain and blinds The terrace to provide some punch at home .

A very practical wooden kitchen
Kubrick Armchairs Serralunga brand is also recommended for the design of minimal expressing a tendency toward the woods. It is high in polyethylene chairs with a wood frame. Kubrick chairs are available in four colors and display a line of squares, very modern. The warm colors of summer to remind Principles of interior decoration of a holiday home a loft, a spacious .

A very comfortable wooden table
This furniture is also a little rustic, making it suitable for outdoor furniture. In short, brighten up your snacks with Kubrick, designing a line of plastic chairs and wood. A fireplace in fashion A candle for Vivienne Westwood everyone is invited at home



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