Desks with bohemian charm

Have a nice corner to work is essential to meet agusto. Enjoy the environment can be an incentive to get to hit the books or concentrate on the paperwork that lies ahead. All depends on what our tastes and personality, if we focus better in dark or if, on the contrary, is the clarity and vivid coloring what we stimulates the mind. Today we think of how to decorate your desk or working our corner, with some examples of bohemian and shabby chic .

Bohemian Coding

Something essential in such environments is to reflect the number of hours spent on them, which will become effective places call, for what you have to add personal touches and charming, giving the feeling of carrying around a lifetime and have seen plenty of experiences of those who occupy them.

Some heirlooms, souvenirs from travels, some special gift to say things … objects, furniture denoting the passage of time, the warmth of wood, some chipped …

For some the ideal are the dark shades, wood and metal , for others it impensabe work in places gloomy and opt for the color. The turquoise or blue invite you to relax, warm tones to awaken the mind.

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Bohemian Desk Decoration

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