Different Ideas of Bathtub

today we refer to the pleasure of good bath . But not because of the water temperature, and the quality of the tub.
Because do not kid yourself. Not all tubs are equal. Far from it. Some are spectacular and super luxury). Sometimes they are posed comfort thanks to their jets. Further, for the beauty of its forms. Better because we are used to the rectangular, circular but are really tempting.



The model features a unique design that is both functional and full of details. One is the faucet pop-up, it is hidden and appears with a simple press on it. Or two movable headrests that allow sharing bath time making it a unique experience of relaxation with that off everyday.
Besides the faucet, the bathtub has a discreet slot from where the water cascaded to achieve a good sense of wellbeing.


The soft, flowing lines of the New Darling of Duravit also invite rest and relaxation. This is a built-in LED tub. every detail that is an extra note of relaxation in your bathroom, thanks to the dim lights coming out from under the edge of the tub.
Precisely that edge is another great feature of this piece. Despite filigree decoration on the side, the upper edge of the tub is very comfortable. Is an extension of the width of the bath at 11.5 cm and can be a comfortable seat or an auxiliary support to get into the bathtub.


But make no mistake, the fact of having a number of extra jets also helps to ensure that, for a few minutes, forget the world. Thing you can get, for example, with the Revo model of Gala . An interesting angle design with three different systems tub.
These systems are the ‘Emotive Touch’, the ‘Emotive Dorsal Touch’, and ‘Touch Sensitive’. All three have side jets, lumbar and foot. They steerable. They also have air jets, level sensor and automatic drain.


Something simple, rectangular in shape, but equally effective against back pain whose functions tub, the tub is ‘Active’ rectangular Ideal Standard. ‘s discreet and does not need a large bathroom to have her. It has six massage jets.


Check these other designs :

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