Different Table at Christmas

A setting for a meal at Christmas following the Scandinavian style a bit so in trend now around a simple palette of gray, white, green and lilac, in combination with natural fabrics. Linen and crockery as pure white background as a flower shape season with alder cones, ivy and anemones together with candles in silver candlesticks give you the Christmas touch without resorting to the typical gold and red combination.

christmas decoration

A very original detail is Jennifer Slattery napkins, textile designer (has been a discovery job! Lovely!) based in Dublin, specializing in embroidered and printed images digitally. course nice furniture in the form of bar glasses and finally a crown ideal for placing in a chair or on the door, flowers made ​​with an old scarf. different Christmas DECO or yes! not you think?

The lilac tones, have a special something, that are perfect in any centerpiece.
If you also combine them with different vintage furniture, the effect is perfect!
Dare you this school different table for Christmas?
Whether you think appropriate, and if you crave more colorful traditions, sure you will love this DIY to make a Christmas wreath. only need: wire, a thick wool scarf, pins and large loop (the color that best is us ).

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