Dining Room with Glass Walls

One advantage of this room is certainly their views space surrounding the house naturally. The landscape of the gardens can be seen in full from the inside due to the presence of walls of glass.The fascination of this lies mainly in that it is an open space of the garden, where eye contact flows through glazed fronts that make this extension housing.


This may be an appropriate solution when needed reforms at home. With such extension will increase the square footage covered, increases brightness and earns space into something that is trend in interior design , talk about visual connection between inside and outside the home.

Since the kitchen is the dining sector, and both areas are differentiated by the glass coating that stands in the dining room. We have chosen the same material for the flooring , which is achieved unify the spaces.

The roof also has a major vain glass allows natural light to another. Some sconces surround it, adding a modern stamp design and functionality of the room.

The glass enclosure with folding doors is itself a generous surface that increases the ventilation of the house. Ideal also for when conducting meetings or parties, as the living room and the garden will be attached easily.
Until very little were reserved for office, but it is increasingly common to see them in decorating homes. We refer to the glass walls, which besides being elegant and light, visually extended stays and allow the passage of light.

When decorating our homes often come to us thousands of ideas to the head and, although some can be crazy at first, can become really practical and decorative solutions. This is the case of the glass walls, which will provide a modern and functional to your home, as well as many other advantages.
A unique visual sensation

Undoubtedly, the main advantage of the glass walls is the visual effect they produce, getting a feel larger and achieving communication between environments without having to share. For example, an ideal glass wall between the kitchen and the dining room, since you can see what’s on the other side of the room but no cooking odors invade the rest of the house.

dining room wall glass