Dining rooms with rustic style

The style rustic gives the rooms a warm and homey, ideal for homes that are in the field, although it is very useful to give a different touch to a modern apartment, since one of the characteristics of this style is that leaves much freedom to combine old furniture with decoration modern.


In the case of dining that is not the exception, since in a place where you eat, eat traditional decor encourages the traditional way, which means a lot, well, relaxed.

Here we give you some tips to get a room rustic, that you may find very useful and practical when it comes to decorating yours, as some of them only require a little ingenuity and a little money. One element to consider when getting a rustic dining room is the choice of natural materials, as these are the essence of this style of decoration. An example of these are the furniture made ​​of wood solid, whose strength can be countered by more feminine details such as crystal flower vases or dishes in colors neutral.

A very important fact is that these furniture can be purchased at any retail store, and can be combined with antiques inherited by family members, which never become obsolete at the time of making this style décor.

The color of the walls should carry natural tones such as a off-white or beige, as these help a lot to us back in time. Other factors that strongly favor achieving this are the presence of exposed beams and stone walls.

If you are looking to achieve a friendly rustic but with the intention not to spend much money on new furniture, a good idea is to look rustic accessories that give that feeling, like a crocheted tablecloth, or placing flowers in dry walls.

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