Dining tables types

The table is the essential element of the dining room. In her eat and ate, as long as the rush of everyday let us. For this reason the dining table should be a comfortable and spacious room. There are a variety of dining tables, depending on the shape, material, kind of openness and style.


Types Dining Tables: Form
Dining tables common in terms of shape, typically either round or rectangular. Both usually have an opening system to make them a little larger when the number of people increases. There are also square, oval, consoles, elliptical or freeform. If you have little space in the room, then we recommend the oval or the console, which tend to be rectangular in shape and are characterized by its narrowness.

Types Dining Tables: Open Systems
Moreover, in terms of open systems to the dining tables, you’ll find different types: book systems, extension wings, with wings extending system and central mechanism which is based on the extension of legs.

-In the first, the envelope is unfolded and thus get twice the dining table surface.

-In the extension wings extend either side clockwise and the other counterclockwise. The latter can be machined or manual.

-Furthermore, the system is extendable wings and the central mechanism. In the latter type of dining table, the mechanism is hidden in the middle of the table and the envelope is split into two halves, then stretch the wings and put the extension piece in the middle.

-Finally, is the type of dining table with width adjustment system, which is the most recommended. In the latter, the legs are stretched on one side or both and placed one or more extensible.

Types Dining Tables: Decorative Style
Finally, depending on the style you follow your home decoration, you can choose a dining table with a decorative stream or another. In modern kitchens, nothing better than a free form with intense colors, in a classic, one wooden dining table rectangular, surrounded by wooden chairs also, without further decorations, and so on with the rest of the styles. When choosing it, Be guided by your intuition and, above all, by the type of dining table with which you feel most comfortable.

Brown modern pedestal dining table with glass inlay






furniture design dining table




square modern pedestal dining table with chairs and sideboard in nice diningroom