Do not be shy: design and quality knives

We give several ideas from these kitchen essentials. From the basics, but also of specific, fun and very useful They are a fundamental part of the kitchen utensils . Although often not given the importance they have. But few things get so angry when you’re cooking (or in the middle of the meal) that do not cut the ingredients well. If that is happening is because you lack the proper equipment.
You must know that in the market there are knives in the better quality of leaf. They also have designs really care. And, in many cases, especially suitable for cutting concrete ingredients.


It is best to start by basic knives but essential. Such are the new series launched on the market by Zwilling : Motion. Designed by architect and designer Matteo Thun , regular contributor to the group, their intention is to bring this prestigious knives to a wider audience.
To do this, Thun has focused on the design without forgetting the functionality and quality . Each of these parts are made ​​of stainless steel Zwilling, cold hardened with the patented FRIODUR, rivet synthetic handles with stainless steel back.?

Select Quality Kitchen Knives

The idea of the collection ‘Grand Class’, of other major companies in the sector, WMF – is similar: Tradition and design go hand in hand . The handles are made ​​of a single piece and are held securely in hand. They are black, with steel rivets, and its shape resembles the classic wrought art.
The series is complete with knife for vegetables, multipurpose, Paring, preparation, kitchen with double saw blade, meat … They are all steel forged blade special plastic handle high quality riveting. The design is by Makio Hasuike.

kitchen quality knives

These of which we have spoken, are essential in every kitchen. However, of which we will discuss below, no. But they are really fun without leaving the functionality. So, for example, Bread Knife Kuhn Rikon.
‘s made ​​carbon Japanese steel, which gives it strength and flexibility is wrapped with a layer of non-stick coating. The special format slotted blade and ergonomic handle help you get a perfect cut without straining.

The same Swiss brand has some very effective small parts specially designed for cutting citrus, that more than one can say that knives are knives. It features an attractive ergonomic handle shaped citrus, and comes in two varieties: lemon yellow and orange. This is a 3 in 1. can cut your ‘leaf’ sharp, peeling or stripping the skin of the fruit easily because it has a small notch, and grate the peel with a specific accessory. After use, all blades and accessories folds again … and get a suggestive ‘slice’ of orange or lemon. If you are passionate about fruits and vegetables, you’ll have another good ally in the plastic knife the web Mooimak has on sale.

Best kitchen knives

Although it is specially designed for lettuce, useful for all kinds of vegetables. Among all these pieces ‘specialized’ could not miss a pizza cutter . But not just any, but a very special, signature Microplane. The 3.8 cm radius cutting wheel (diameter 10 cm total) can cut thicker pizzas without any hurdle. Designed for professional or home use, the handle is wide and is made ​​of rubber, to ensure a good grip. The stainless steel blade is made ​​in the U.S. under strict quality controls.