Earn heat at home without spending more

Through a series of tricks and ideas can keep the home in our home and save as much as possible. Heat gain is no need to spend more money. A good option in times of economic crisis.


1st. Purge and use either the radiators:
Pugarlos must before use, as air hinders usually contain water circulation and heat transfer. The purge is ready when it leaves only water. Also, do not use the radiators to dry clothes. And better if they are under the window.

2nd. Reflective sheeting:
Are placed behind the radiator to the wall. As the heat bounces off them, avoid wasting. It also compensates put a heating thermostat to disconnect to achieve the desired degree and thermostatic valves to control each radiator separately. So save yourself a 8-13% energy.

3rd. Protection of walls and ceilings:
Facades escapes by between 20 and 25% heat. Loss will be avoided if the walls are insulated with rock wool or glass. We must do the same on the roof, especially if you live in a top floor. You can also apply insulating paint.

4th. Add weather stripping and patching holes:
I recommend putting weather stripping on doors and windows. If you have cracks, you have to seal them with caulk (also the boxes of blinds). Be avoided losing 10-15% of the heat.

5th. How to tell if your home needs insulation:
The crystals condesaciones, the humidity and fungus are clear signs that a house needs urgent isolation. You can also tell by comparing the bill of your home with a neighbor whose house is isolated. Influence also the year of construction of housing.