Essential Appearance of Wood

The rosewood looks strong and marked veins, causing him to this kitchen warm and timeless effect despite its straight lines and modern. Certainly a choice to consider for an upcoming renovation or new home, as the wood is easily combined and offers great decorative possibilities. The fronts and drawers are laminated with horizontal grain white quartz countertop and a large black stone bar perpendicular sides and supported on the same material and to the floor. Palissandre Moon is the model of Mobalpa .


The front of the black wall also protects contrasts and gives depth to the work area. On the other hand, this design peninsula, offers another alternative for the location of the table, parallel to the cooking area, which is integrated into the kitchen and at the same time separates this area from the rest of the house.

While wood is one of the materials required at the time of choosing the floors of a house, the truth is that this material is not suitable for all areas of our home. Of course, the wood has a great advantage: go with any decor, but you must remember that not always the best option.

If you were thinking of placing wood floors in the kitchen and you say that you take out the idea of the head. I really can not believe all the disadvantages that may arise from having a wood floor in the kitchen more beautiful it is.

For example, fat is wood’s natural enemy: it is almost impossible to remove these stains in a porous material. Whenever cold ground cover need special carpets and never get it perfectly clean. You can not scrub as often as you should and you have to desvivirte in care and attention. Bad idea to put that wood in the kitchen, right?

Many times when you look at just decorate as will the aesthetics of our home, and we ignore the practical part. The good news is that there is an ideal solution for fans of the wood.

One option if you like this finish is to choose laminate flooring or Pergo. The finish is very similar to that of wood, a little less warm, though. A change is very easy to maintain in perfect condition, you can scrub daily, repels stains and withstands even burns.

It is certainly the best choice for a kitchen. You’ll get the finish that both wanted and not have to worry about cleaning.

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