Ethnic Interior Decoration

The ethnic style is one of the many trends that make modern interior. Sometimes defining the space with very marked and, sometimes accompanying other styles, with touches that differentiate only.  An ethnic space stands out in particular by the presence of objects of different cultures, especially those from more exotic and more distant places. While many identify their mark with African decor, diverse and remote are the places that are evoked in their atmospheres: India, Indonesia, Thailand, Morocco, Easter Island, Roma peoples and our Latin American cultures, emphasize the distinctiveness these spaces.  Sometimes, only one object can convey the spirit of a community and thus bring the merger sought to be achieved in space. Hidden spots in Africa, Asia and even parts of our country, present through objects that refer to other places, times and cultures, and are the stars that give the inner seal from a base can be minimalist or rustic with antique furniture or very contemporary or why not pop air furniture.

ethnic decoration

While the basis of these spaces is the mix of furniture and decorative pieces from different cultures also require a special setting that frames the objects properly illuminated.  The decoration of these rooms also refers generally to housing ancient peoples African or predominantly natural materials and simple solutions without excess or too ornate ornamental elements. Few objects, but shocking, is one of the primary keys.

The favorite colors are usually the earthy or red range from the orange garnets. However, the black and white spaces also achieve a good framework for the fusion of cultures.  The materials of this kind, committed to the warmth and personal touch are wood, usually carved, natural fabrics, wicker and other vegetable fibers, hand dyed fabrics, clay, stone.

Light plays a major role. Its rooms are blended with a soft, diffused general lighting and spot lights highlighting objects, always in warm tones. Candles, lanterns, paper lanterns, bamboo, among other alternatives, leave their ethnic flash with scents help create a special atmosphere.

The trips are a good resource for parts that make a personality who inhabits the space. If objects refer to personal experiences, roads traveled, experienced travel, places that take us back to memories, denote space an even more special. Masks brought from Africa living with colorful tapestries killims Morocco and India, achieved an authentic encounter of cultures in places where objects are missing not regional, hides, skins and tapestries that allude to our national culture.  Anything goes: the multi touch is what gives the charm, in an atmosphere that comes with the furniture, lighting and appropriate colors.


ethnic interior design




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