Factors to consider in buying chaise longue

When faced with the decision to buy a sofa, one of the many possibilities that are in the market are called chaise longue, offering added value of comfort and design . In this post we are going to discuss the different possibilities offered by this type of distribution.


When buying a chaise longue there are four important factors to be taken into account are: the comfort, size, design and extras to add to the piece. You must not forget that the chaise longue have a very particular way and it is very important that it fits perfectly in our living room or a place where we go.

To do an “infinite” written I will tell you all the possible extras in the following publication. Uffff! I got rid of a “master-class”.

The comfort, as with any other type of sofas, mainly depends on the type of filling the seats and backs of the chaise longue . I recommend that you consult our previous articles on stuffed and padded sofa and how to know if a sofa is comfortable looking at it. We can help you choose the model that best chaise longue molds to your needs and tastes.

Normally the chaise longue occupy more space than traditional sofas , so it is very important to know the steps of the hall to choose a piece that fits him. You must avoid feeling overwhelmed when you enter the room, think it’s one of the rooms of the house intended for rest, leisure and relaxation.

The vast majority of the chaise longue having a width ranging from 2.5 meters to 3 meters, between 90 cm high and 1.20 meters and a depth of between 1.60 meters to 1.80 meters, in its longest part. We recommend that before you buy you should put one hand simple drawing and how to stay in your room so that you ensure that passing spaces will suffice.

Although the most common distribution usually consists of 2 seats more chaise longue , you can find large pieces , ideal for a home with many family members -3 or 4-seater chaise longue or more smaller pieces that fit into rooms smaller house or singles or couples without children (1 more square chaise longue). Therefore, even if your room is small does not deprive you of why you have the comfort and aesthetics of this special piece.

Our experience in selling chaise longues tells us that one of the factors to take into account when opting for the design of a chaise longue is decide where you will place the next longest side (the chaise longue module). You will have to take into account the arrangement of the furniture and the shape and dimensions of your room.
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