Fancy dressers – reshape the old dresser effective!

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DIY ideas for fancy dressers

Unusual furniture are a trend in interior design. It seems nothing to skip. Even unusual dressers are now in vogue. However, if you buy this in the furniture business, they may be too expensive. You could get a lot cheaper tinker something unique.

To give your old furniture a new life. At the same time you have a super original piece of furniture that can be compared with anything else.

Simply repaint the old chest of drawers

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In a new apartment a dresser alone would therefore act failed, because she is so old.You need certainly some repairs and perhaps a new paint job. But then that’s all you should do practically.

Emphasize completely different

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From old (not antique, but consumed) furniture, you could also make fancy dressers by some DIY creativity. Underline this but in a completely new shade. Spice them up with beautiful patterns. For this purpose, a wall paper or film could be sufficient.

The same simple approach would be suitable if you want “something more” make a arbitrate dresser.

Make advantage of the disadvantage

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Do you have a broken part on the dresser? So what? Replace this but. By another in a different form or in a whole new shading On such ideas to rest some of the fanciest dressers, which we’ve found on the net.

Casual look and fancy dressers

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Modern are also ideas that rely on something like this, what you would call in clothes fashion “casual look”. An example: you have little space in the room and a simple dresser. Place an object on it but that suits both by design, very good. Thus you will save both space and dress up a very original way your drawers on.

Washi tapes and other decos

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Washi tapes also often come in front as a decorative means. You can create patterns from these bands, or simply provided the piece of furniture with some colored stripes.

Old fabrics and wallpapers

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We have seen on the net many DIY ideas for fancy dressers, in which one uses waste materials and wallpapers to spice up. Most of us will find sooner or later those lying around at home. Some patterns are easy to be great, to be thrown away.

If only enough for the dresser and enroll well in the room, then speaks against the use of which nothing, right?

Write something and hang on it

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DIY ideas for fancy dressers play often with the functionality. Some, for example, bring a bit of cutlery on the side of these pieces of furniture to. Other people provide the surfaces with panels. So you can write something on it.

Other great ideas for your old dresser

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The issue about the fancy dressers we had not until now. It is a real treasure chest, and we will continue doing it. According to the examples that we have given here, you are certainly quite a lot myself own DIY ideas come up in this direction. We look forward to your comments and further advice about!

The broken mirror effect looks very stylish

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