fantastic decors


I confess that I’m hooked on Pinterest. No day passes without patiently go over photos of the people you follow, to inspire, to know what is in your life or just to brighten the view. Navigate between the boards, Repin … I can go on surfing among so pretty picture.

Today I wanted to share with you some for me are essential, for if ye walk where to start looking. The truth is that these are just some of the decorating bloggers I follow:
Singular Market

Clean lines and many good ideas are what you can find between the pins of Singular Market . The board that I like is that of the kitchen, which combine traditional with modern design, as you see in the picture that heads the post. For me it is one of the essential.

Our former colleague Etxecodeco Pinterest is an artist and always manages to find the details that others are go unnoticed. Moving between their boards is a delight, so I leave you discover it yourself.

Boho Deco Chic


If you like DIY projects, Nordic design and minimalism, you can not miss Agnes boards Boho Deco Chic . I love how it combines photographs in which the decoration is in black and white with others in which we see an explosion of colors.
Give Amina

If you like the Arab style, sure ye followers of Blog Give Amina . In their boards can find from complements to rooms complete with air that is so beautiful Arabic. Also I whistle their DIY pins, there are plenty of simple crafts to customize your home.
Decorate your soul


This girl has more than eighty boards to follow, even if you can only choose one, I would stay with the letters and signs, is a vice! In pins of decoratualma vintage decor is combined with the latest trends and even no place for nice restaurants.

Another usual our section on Sundays, Palmichula , is also on Pinterest. In their boards find from ideas to decorate inspiring photos and crafts, all with your personal style that characterizes his blog.

By now I think you already have a lot of pins to explore, and if you are interested you can also follow us Decoesfera publishers. For example, Magenta shares a lot of beautiful things and for me is one that I always look when I go on Pinterest. Boards Minue are a mixture between decoration, architecture and gastronomy (is that he is very eclectic, is the Renaissance man we have in payroll); Raquel fashion mixed with decorative ideas and inspirational ideas and of course I am as Patchyfujur , but my boards are more geeks than the others.