fantastic home decors

Today confess publicly that I have a fear of flying, fear of being good half hour flying over, or step to the Balearics and the Spains not drive it on the road you can discover many things, the issue is that I want “Europear” ( term I put in it to make a trip to a neighboring country our country).

Today I want to show two chain hotels Portuguese , a network of hotels and hostels worldwide, in which encotramos good prices and an unbeatable performance. The truth is that I’ve always been afraid to go out by the fact of not knowing where you’re going, but seeing these Lisbon and Porto I was totally in love.

Living Lounge - lounge are 2
 This small indoor garden is amazing, the green brings energy and together with red create a cozy corner.
Living Lounge -dorm room
Multiple rooms
Living Lounge - lounge area 1
Eclectic mix, we see several fully coordinated styles, a mixture of colonial, modern and baroque
Living Lounge - single room
Since the facade I have one foot in that wonder of architecture
 I love the contrast of colors in this rest area, I find it very creative
tattva 15
 Sober, elegant and modern
tattva 1
We return to the dorms multiple
Old buildings, high ceilings, contemporary pieces and creativity, I will definitely look like two “possibly” to “Europear” to Portugal, two proposals attractive not only for its aesthetic certainly I liked, but for the low cost tourism policy with charm.