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More and more people are choosing to work from home, rather than spending hours on the road, in crowded cities. Privacy home, perhaps near the loved ones that you’re a great program, less fatigue, here are many advantages. But to work in the most effective way to a corporate office, along with colleagues – or why not, even better – space house must be intelligently organized. Many choose to use the principles of Feng Shui, others turn to a specialist, but basically the perfect office layout is not too complicated.


Must be a creative space, neat and “airy” in terms of energy. If you chose the feng shui, starting from first principles, and the first step – and perhaps most important – is in order. Remove any disorder, each group of objects may block any flow of energy, even for a short period of time. Use some cardboard boxes, each with a label, the sharing of all the objects in the office by categories: invoice, paper, stationery, personal items, books, etc.. Arrange them in order as possible and set aside. Will be discussed later. And ‘essential that you have released in the room and have taken the first step in planning an ideal job. Equally important is the choice of colors.

Whether you apply feng shui ideas to the end or not, you may want to paint the entire room, making small repairs – electrical wiring, floors. Think about what kind of work you do here? It takes the desk of a writer, the publisher, a place where new ideas come? Choose shades of blue. You can do the accounting and you need calm, organization and most orders? One idea is something orange, which will increase mental clarity.

Maybe red is exaggerated, but experts say it fits Feng Shui marketing activities. To repaint the entire room does not use a compromise solution and decorating a wall. It will be energy hub of the home. Here’s a quick guide on what the colors in Feng Shui for a future office: Red: aggressive in business Orange: Good for collaborations and partnerships Yellow: help to clarify and strengthen the thought Blue-green: eliminate negative thoughts, suitable for meditation and reflection. Viola: stimulates creativity. Applying these basic principles and, finally, make sure that the office is not too crowded to allow the free flow of energy, will soon have an office that combines the principles of Feng Shui and your preferences. The space where you can work and relax for once.

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