Feng Shui Keys to decorate the bathroom

Based on the yin yang, Feng Shui has become fashionable to when decorating a space. If your goal is the bathroom is important to take note of some recommendations to make this stay meets the rules of this Chinese discipline.It is important to note that less is more is the starting point. Avoid visual stress caused by the excesses of things have to look at and succeed in creating a space that invites you to relax.


The bathroom is one of the easiest rooms to decorate but above all should be functional práctio ? Shower or bath? Necessary? Bidet? … Then the decorating tips based on Feng Shui .

1. Light colors : when painting walls, choose shades and neutral and flees from the intense colors. Bring light to the bathroom. Never be located in the central area (geometric center point of balance associated with high or Tai Chi), since it corresponds to the energetic heart of any construction.

Two . According to Feng Shui, you should incorporate wood in the bathroom either by furniture or decorative objects such as a bank, a vase, a mirror … Should not abut our kitchen, or be very close to the front door.

Three. A when decorating, you should opt for simple objects and above all, finding space to incorporate a plant . Nature must be present. Bathroom doors should remain closed.

April. If you like the bathroom smell good, choose natural fragrances . You must keep your personal hygiene items such as toothbrush, deodorant … become visible. The order and cleanliness are essential.

May. At the time of placing the mirror , note that according to Feng Shui, only be placed one in the bathroom. The toilet lids should stay down, this is to avoid that unpleasant odors (the end of the day, negative energies) from invading our bathrooms.

June. It is advisable to have good ventilation, better still if you have windows to the outside. We must care for the proper operation of faucets, drains and other mechanisms associated with the element water.

July. We must remember that water is closely associated with prosperity, so that the resulting loss of this reflect in some way a bad economy.

August. As is logical, would have the bathroom all energy elements: water, metal and earth. So we would lack only wood and fire elements .

According to the ancient teachings of Feng Shui, there is a certain aura of negativity in all matters relating to the baths. You have to understand that, indeed, at the time that this art-science got its start, most of them were located outside the home and used as little aseptic pits, since dirt prevailed in these small rooms.

Today, the baths are fully integrated into our homes as a place where, in addition to freshen up, you can spend relaxing moments thanks to a good bath salts, scents, etc.. These experiences give us a break from our stressful lifestyle, especially those who live in big cities.

Although the right thing would be to conduct a professional study of Feng Shui to analyze the energy characteristics of any construction, based on all degrees of orientation of the main facade and thus know exactly objects, colors and forms suitable for each room, it is true we can give a number of assumptions that will help us enjoy our bathrooms.

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