Five reading corners charming


With this cold you are doing lately, what we most definitely want is to stay at home, prepare a chocolate or tea warm and sit to enjoy a good book or magazine interesting, so we wanted to make a small selection of five reading corners charming.

As you can see, are quite different styles and environments, but what we liked is that they have managed to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility that invites you to sit and read that, after all, is their goal.

We begin this selection with the image that heads this article and that is perhaps the corner that we liked. It may not be the most comfortable, but we love the simplicity of the furniture and pastel colors of the set, which give the corner a special charm.


The next corner is more classic, but not much, and has the uniqueness of being next to a fireplace, which gives warmth. In addition, the rocking chair is old and has been restored, which gives added value to the whole. The floor lamp adds a modern touch to the whole and help you read comfortably during the night.


This minimalist reading corner in beige, sloping ceilings and Nordic style is also one of the ones we liked. The window is definitely the perfect spot to illuminate a perfect couch area, and dark wood table managed to break the monotony of light colors, creating a lovely set.


Reading corner everyday

We recognize that this is the corner that has drawn less attention, but we wanted to include it because it is the most everyday. Admittedly decoratively has nothing very remarkable, but it gets detached warmth and familiarity. Perhaps being surrounded by books, or the overstuffed chair or cushions. Anyway, we liked what gets transmitted.


And we finish this small selection of charming reading corners with which is without doubt the most spectacular. And is that sometimes you do not need anything more than a few pads in the right place to get the perfect reading nook. But if it must be recognized that a good window with those incredible views much easier to work.

The truth is that we, after having seen so many charming reading corners we’ve wanted to make room in our small house and try to emulate any of them. That if, with a good book and a hot coffee.