Floating Shelves

The floating shelves besides being a good decorative option to blend into any style, are terrific for use in enclosed spaces or with few places to store things.It’s an original way to dress up the wall without brackets which become visible, that way the shelves are made ​​visually lighter.You can make different depths allowing for what we want to place on ellos.Por example to put in a bathroom and small things floating shelves are not needed more than 20 cm.If the idea is a standard library suggest one 22 cm. if it is used to put boxes or baskets can reach 30 cm. and in case you want to meet the light table function can be between 30 and 40 cm.

floating shelf brackets
According to the weight that will float on the shelves there are different ways of placing, with rods may be on the wall, placing bolts when the weight is higher.

When we lack space or have trouble keeping things in order, shelves or racks are a perfect solution . Do you floating shelves? The difference with normal shelf will not see anything to the one to the wall, literally appear to “float” .
Let your imagination starts to expand and put in your living room, which also become a decorative object as well to help you organize.

Minimalist Floating Shelf
Are you familiar with the minimalist decor ? It is a style characterized by simple lines, geometric shapes obvious and general cleaning in space. The idea is that no furniture fill the space you have because it will remove amplitude, so that the floating shelves become the allies perfect.A good place to put it on a base unit as a dresser , a table or a chair over to help you make the space, especially if you have a small apartment.
Place items such as candles, ornaments, pictures, souvenirs from trips or vases, all responding to the minimalist style. Looking geometric shapes as “L” or incomplete rectangles for your shelf you will look more modern.

Choose colors that contrast with the wall. The black and white form a combination that has never lost.
Another good place to locate it in the space that is left for you under the stairs .Even if you suffer from lack of space, floating shelves you can serve as a sort of side tables .

Entire wall with floating shelves
Do you have happened to have a whole wall with floating shelves ? It’s an idea that will require all your creativity to not finish seeing crowded or boring instead.

Full floating wall racks
My suggestion is to put your favorite books , a lamp to give light to this corner in particular, modern or vintage-style ornaments. The goal is that through this wall transmit your personality and your home, so pay attention when you select each object because there will be more than a guest which gives it a shelf putting final touches your attention to detail.If you love books and do not have much space, this is an ideal alternative for you.

Floating shelves and entertainment center
The room often serves as a room in which we are distracted or we gather to watch TV or listen to music. If you do not like the furniture much prefer win big air, one option is to put several floating shelves where you put the stereo , the home theather and on them (or below) can also be television built into the wall. Practical??

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