Furniture for Modern Rooms

One of the areas that give life to our home is the living room. This has to be cozy, and depending on our style, modern, sophisticated, classic or creative. The important thing is that this not only looks good and well lit, but transmitted in essence what we are. In the picture below we have a modern elegant beige room where you can see a modern brown cupboard corner, a soft beige carpet. The floor is beige a little softer than the walls. To give more elegance to this room we placed a wooden table without legs colored pepper.

modern -furniture-for-living-room-design

In this other image we have another modern living. In this room we used a corner chair and ashen ash colored cushions and other cream. For extra elegance have placed a cream carpet, two coffee tables the same color as the carpet and to end an ash-colored chair.

To create in our modern room a warm and elegant, we recommend using neutral colors because these tones create a modern space as you can see in the following image. For your room you can also place a chair two bodies in elegant leather trimmings and a carpet of the same color. The walls, the floor and the table should be of a light wood tone.

You can also use an L-shaped sofa in white. For example, in the picture you can see a hall where we have minimalist white furniture with ornaments needed to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.





-living-room furniture-design




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