Furniture from recycled tires

I recently watched as transform objects with rope and had previously seen as recycle a tire or wheel to our children … well combining both ideas have resulted in a tire or car tire recycling and become table or ottoman thanks to the rope.That was a what explains that the first thing we need to do is to clean the tire with water and soap and then with solvent to remove all traces of dirt and grease and even there the explanation, you can get a pdf that is selling the rest or even a book, but since the idea is fantastic I have ventured to propose the technique that I know …

tire furniture

for which you have to do two covers wood with the diameter of the wheel to the bottom where if you want you can put a few pieces of wood to make the legs or leave without legs, and one for the top that will the top of our table (this is the hardest and you can ask for help from the men of the house), taladras glue boards to the wheel and they lock and then arm yourself with patience and start to cover with cord sticking with glue in the top cover you can do a special decoration … do not cover the entire lid, leaving an outside diameter of 4 or 5 cm to cover your rope around to keep that direction and cover the rest of the tire.

Today this idea is selling in the market and each piece is around 250 to 300 € … so we can take advantage and do it ourselves …But I know many of you girls like to knit and not giving you bad so I propose another alternative for our puff tires … once glued bottom and rear caps rather than wrap it with rope you can make a case, choose a wool thick and knitting … I stay cool like that …

In times of crisis we for some families is unthinkable to acquire furniture, so today I want to talk about recycling, recycle things we have and that we do not provide any service and transform them into other objects that may meet our needs is an alternative difficult times, and this time our main star is the tire … sure that when you change your tires to the car they always end up in the trash … well, that can change when you discover that you can transform into furniture for your home, a You can easily make a coffee table, a seat, or even a puff planter for your garden. The first thing to do is to clean the tire with soap and water, and then with solvent to remove all traces of good fat and dirt, and then both tables to seat covers need two wooden wheel diameter, drilled kisses and rubber caps to attach to the wheel with screws and once you have placed caps now you just have to be covered, you can do it with string or as in the photo above weave a cover, and you can add legs to lift up, as have the lower base of wood just have to attach them to the wood. If you want to see the step by step process I invite to visit the girl’s case and his post furniture from recycled tires  . If you want this furniture to dedicate more time kids in the house paint applied to rubbers and parts become fun and colorful And if they are seats or tables inside the house whenever they can put some wheels, to be more practical.

And if you have a garden these pots on the ground or pendants are a great partner for the decoration of your space, you can leave the natural rubber or paint to add color notes, but then you must be careful with the colors of the flowers to coordinate … Finally I want to show you how this idea applies not only in private households but also abroad, as decoration public places, this time we have added legs to the tires to gain height, and I find an original idea, modern and very ecological … I hope you enjoyed it and you will be encouraged to build your own furniture for your home now … not having economic availability is no longer an excuse … recycle and transform this to everyone.
Do you have another idea to recycle tires?

here is a lot of materials whose biodegradation is completed very long term, having a severe and adverse impact on the environment . This problem is increased further when the production of goods made of these materials is very high. We are referring here to the tires. Although no difference in the estimates of most of the sources, in the best cases, the biodegradability of a tire takes complete at least 600 years.Every year, generating millions and millions of unused tires . Imagine the effect this can have on the planet.

Fortunately increasingly are conducting industry-wide initiatives to absorb and recycle large part auqnue still insufficient, this type of waste. It is being recycled tire rubber in road construction in the floor construction of playgrounds in the manufacture of artificial grass for football fields , etc.., and even verderas artworks . Now you too can contribute individually, within your means, to care for the environment. Here we leave the second installment dedicated to creative recycling of used tires.

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