Furniture with forms

Are you bold? Like fun? There are many ways to give a touch of humor to decorate homes . It can be done with vinyl and messages, with paint, with painted specific roles … And of course, with the furniture.

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If you dare to them, there is a world of furniture forms the most diverse and disparate imaginable. Garnish with them means that will not go unnoticed, they are likely to be the center of attention, and therefore advise not refresh the rest the decoration attached. Nor obviously fill the house with this type of objects, unless you’re a geek of this type of furniture or you give the kitsch style … You know that good, if brief, twice good, so with a single piece of these features will not impact or amuse your house look like a circus ;-)

Some of these units are more subtle and will be fully integrated into the decor of the rest of the house, as some chairs that mimic large leaves and small accessories such as cushions, which can be combined with other more common and will give a touch of grace (never intended) to that area. Color also influences: sofas or white shelves, even with strange shapes are better integrate colorful furniture.

Others, however, are clearly meant to highlight objects: dummy-lamps, shelves animal-shoe chairs, lamps, cup … In this case you should carefully choose the place where you place them to give sufficient prominence.We leave you some examples if you serve as ideas for decorating your living rooms, bedrooms or studies.

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