Furniture with high gloss varnish

What do you think the surface of the dining table? The unique luster that shows this type of furniture, especially if they are old and woods, is something that no industrial finishing spray can be achieved. Because it is d e varnished based artisan made ​​art work and patience that, thanks to its quality, can last for years and years in perfect condition.


Of course, I’m talking about the classic wrist varnished with shellac, a technique that will help you get the most out of your furniture. Without going to turn you into professional, this article will give you basic guidelines to start varnishing.

Sealer to seal
First you have to seal the pores of the wood. Some people do it by applying a coat of sealer lowered to 50% nitro solvent and then polishing with a nap n º 0000, and craftsmen who prefer seal directly giving shellac. In any case, the first coat (primer or on the timber clean) has to be flat with natural hair brush with shellac flakes start to hydrate the previous day in denatured alcohol and then filtered.

Let dry and will polish shellac undercoat applied by brush with number 0000. Then we will tailor a crankpin with white T-shirt fabric, padded with cotton or deleted. Then you need to pour some shellac in the wrist, hand close it and start varnishing wood. Spend the crankpin first figure eight and then in the direction of the grain, adding a bit of varnish when we see that dries.

Fifteen working days
A good varnish to crankpin has many layers (200 to 500), and may be delayed to about 15 days if we devote one or two hours a day. Each day will begin with a nap polishing lacquering, and occasionally add alcohol to soften it, and pumice on the painting for polishing. Vaseline oil drops also helps the pin to slide better. To keep the pin from one day to another, metedla in a glass jar with a few drops of alcohol and exit it tightly.

Apply Wiping Varnish

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Furniture with high gloss varnish


How to Varnish Wood

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