Garden seat recycling

Have you ever recycled to decorate a garden? Today I propose to do. Today I show you how you can recycle a plastic box and make it a functional seat for the garden and very decorative.There are many beautiful furniture in stores to decorate the outside, it can be hard to fall in recycling to decorate a garden. To see if this idea it convinces you.

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The plastic is perfect for outdoor decorating. In fact, many outdoor furniture are made of this material.Therefore, the idea of recycling a plastic box to furnish and decorate the garden, it seems at first far-fetched. And seeing the result of a plastic recycling as a small garden seat, any possible doubt disappears.

That is precisely what we propose in DIY Enthusiasts ; recycle a plastic box with some grace and turn it into a practical and beautiful place to work and decorate in the garden.

No one can say that recycling is the easiest job in the world, that of converting a plastic box on a garden seat. In fact, to get it you need a tool that may not have all the houses. A drill, sandpaper and some screws are the tools that are never lacking in a home. But to cut the front of the plastic box you want recycled as garden seat, you also need a jigsaw that although you may still not have at home, this may be a good time to do witha.

To recycle a plastic box the first thing to do is get one. You can order it from a store. These plastic boxes are used to transport fruit, drinks or any other common consumer product to retail stores. Anyway, if you want to work hard in the search, you can also buy plastic boxes like the one pictured in DIY stores.

When you have the cash to recycle as garden seat, and after cleaning if you have some dirt, it’s time to use the tool blade to cut one side, one of the longest in the box.

As you may not be very clean cut, pass the sandpaper to remove any burrs or fragments of material that can be harmful to sit.

Finally, use the drill to pierce the base and set screws will anchor you to put your seat recycling anywhere you want in your garden. You see that in DIY Enthusiasts have held this seat recycling from a plastic to a stake in the ground.

Now you can fill your seat with some pretty patterned cushions and get your box to decorate recycled as garden seat is cozy, comfortable and beautiful.

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