Garden statues give your home fabulosity

The outdoor decoration no longer needs always outdoors. You can use them creatively in the houses too. Bird baths, busts, statues, urns all of them can be easily adapted to add a new dimension to your interiors outdoors when it’s too cold to enjoy them.


They can be easily converted into focal points with a little creativity. Bird baths offer many opportunities to improve on them. Place in the center of a table. Use short coffee tables or tables other plants. The long stems can be used effectively on the dining tables.

Just place is not enough, some interesting touches are still needed. Add fruits and vegetables in season to short or a place to give an interesting environment around them. How about a drink looking surrounded by a wreath of flowers in a watershed?

Garden urns can also be used to add a touch. Fill with a random configuration of sticks juxtaposed with birch or fir branches. Throw in some decorations or confetti colors and the new piece de resistance is ready. Small urns filled with pieces of colored glass or stones can be interesting conversation pieces.
Use candles or simply interesting character ornaments found around them to keep them company and life to the environment you are decorating with such enthusiasm.