Getting bathroom look bigger

Some tips for decorating a small bathroom look bigger .You do not need you to expand the surface of a bath to maximize space and make it appear larger. Just have in mind the following ideas (some of them are purely aesthetic, while others need a broader reform strategies):


1. Illuminate well: Adequate lighting to eliminate dark corners. Create a false high focusing effect indirect low voltage light toward the ceiling. Try to add more light to the room, as good lighting tends to open space. For this purpose you can use skylights or expand existing windows. If you do not have the ability to add natural light, add lamps on the mirror. While artificial illumination is not equal to the natural light and can provide, therefore, give a sense of spaciousness.

Two. Reduce the fixtures or replace smaller ones: replace the tub for a shower corner or remove a bulky dressing to put in its place, an elegant pedestal sink. Due to the huge space they occupy and we usually give little use, one possibility is to substitute a shower box, the latter frees additional space allows inches forward in the environment.

Three. Choosing a more efficient design, not more than two horizontal lines dominant. For example, the top of the wainscoting (wood coating to a certain height of mared) mark a line and to align the top of the doors, windows, mirrors, etc.; Second mark.

April. Eliminate physical and visual overload and avoid mixing a lot of materials: choose one as floor tiles and tile for walls and countertop, using paper colored wall and small scale, avoid frilly curtains or ornaments and pile carpets, and get rid of the junk.

May. Use mirrors: large mirrors cheat and make small spaces seem much larger. In a bathroom large mirrors can be used to make the walls look like windows.

There are some secrets of decoration that can be used to visually enlarge the bathroom or any other room in the house. Here are some suggestions to achieve an effect of spaciousness in the bathroom.

Even in small spaces, large size coverings help create a more pure and free of excessive presence of boards. Here it is best to opt for ceramic rectified.

The colors on the walls of the bathroom will affect the way you perceive it. The clearest give a greater feeling of spaciousness, the darkest tend to shrink it. Therefore, it is preferable to choose pastel colors and white. Thanks to its ability to transmit tranquility and relaxation, the green and blue are also options that help to enlarge the room. With furnishings using the same the same criteria as the walls.

Another technique to expand the space of your bathroom, you take your foot of the washing and / or using suspended artifacts. In this way, you will feel that the bathroom is more spacious.

Budgets for Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


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