Give modern style to small kitchen

It can take a lot out of a small kitchen if you use the right colors and furniture, thanks to these elements can play with space.Not everyone is fortunate to have a large kitchen, it’s natural that the space is quite limited.However, it can take much advantage of this by means of the furniture and colors, using an environment based on the modern minimalist style can make small kitchen a spacious full of light.


The choice of furniture in a small kitchen has to be careful.
You need not overloading with excessive space modules.
It will therefore be advisable to use on the lower shelves and cabinets with pull-outs, which are more spacious to store utensils and a single chest of drawers, where to save the cutlery.
By placing low-skilled furniture to maximize space, which will be to avoid high excess furniture.
A modern and minimalist opt ​​to place one or two pieces of furniture in the upper maximum.
These can serve for laying vessel or stewards.
Another trend that saves space and brings modernity to the small kitchen is to make a column oven and microwave.
By putting these two appliances on the same route will avoid unnecessarily occupy another space.

The color par excellence, to create feeling of space and evoke a modern and trendy, is undoubtedly white.
Today’s kitchens are often preferred in this key, either matte or gloss finishes.
This color allows great versatility when choosing a countertop, but the fact is that if you are looking to be the last, may be more appropriate to place the stone in the same white color as the tiles and the floor.
In this neutral colors, you can choose to find a wall, preferably one that is half empty, and paint it a bright color, whether chocolate, pink or green.
The result is a small kitchen with a spacious feel and modern setting.


Incredible Small Modern Kitchen