Give Rustic Floors to your home

Many people today are looking for ways to decorate your home or design it by far from other houses. There are many ways you can enjoy a beautiful special design for your home, using old rustic floors. Instead of using mass-produced wood or laminate type, you can make your home in one of the older type pair to give it a rustic atmosphere, yet elegant.

Oak-strip floor Collection

The old floors are also very durable, and can provide years of enjoyment in your home. You can buy the old materials of the floors in different stores building. These come in many different forms. You have to choose a type of rustic and antique floor as wood, ceramic or stone.

Choose your old style floor:
With many options to choose from antique floors first need to decide what type of flooring you prefer. Consider the environment you want to provide in the rooms where the floor was installed. For example, a rustic kitchen can be a great place to install the ancient cobblestone floor, while a family room with floor like best old pine wood.

The flooring options you install, will impact on the type of interior you will project as well as the color scheme for the room. Carefully choose your floor, see the wood palette, type of brightness, contrast texture and projected in their environment.

Consider the price of the seller:
While you may be able to find antique flooring at a great price online or obtain it from abroad, you have to consider the additional cost of the materials posted. The cost of having a marble floor former envoy from another country may be more expensive, but the durability and quality compensate him.


In many cases, it’s best to buy locally from a dealer. This saves you money, and see the materials in person before making a purchase. After all what you want is to check that the material is in good condition, eg wood floors to see in what state they are, reviews and look for signs of abuse or have signs be rotten ed. As for the stone floors, must see these for cracks and splinters. This is much easier to check while in person, not through images, or relying on someone else to get precise information.

Installation techniques should be considered:
For an authentic look of your old floor, you will have to study the installation techniques used. Installing an old stone floor requires certain techniques, basically installs like ceramic or marble floors. That if there is a common factor among them all, this is the leveling of the floor.
The old stone floor must have a concrete or mortar base this may be a better option.

If you do not feel confident to install a floor rustic old, then make sure you choose a contractor who understands how to make your old floors have an authentic look. The choice of installing either an ancient floor of wood or stone in your home will give you a unique and will enhance the appearance of your home. In most cases this type of flooring will cost more than the styles of today, but at least the elegance, durability and quality make it up.