Glass partitions for offices and homes

The need for rationalization of the great outdoors, whether in offices or homes , can lead immediately to think of the classical solutions in masonry. But, are the only possible solutions? And they are the most ideal? Especially in the case of offices, the partition walls in masonry may sacrifice much of the valuable natural light, creating tight spaces and give a feeling of oppression.

Glass partitions for offices

An alternative solution is that of glass partitions . High-impact design, no obstacle to natural light and excellent compromise between open space and privacy. This also applies to the housing in which, thanks to the glass walls, one can optimize the spaces and create environments without entailing masonry work and without having to give natural lighting.

The Three P Trepiù catalog is packed with solutions that will appeal to all those who are looking for glass partitions, fixed or sliding, for your office or home. Solutions Pavilion, alone or coordinated with the gates Planus, with transparent glass, tinted or frosted, can provide the answer to the needs of division of space , of light , of privacy , of open space and design . Who could ask for more?

Take some advice from the experts of the showrooms Baltera, who will know how to drive among offers of glass partitions the catalog Three P Trepiù .
Use your own verandah, its own garden and all the open spaces, at certain times of the year could be complicated, unless you think to build the glass verandas .

Find a suitable solution to your home may not be as daunting. Disparate models and technologies of glass verandas are made ​​available in Rome by Baltera showroom, offering a whole division of right choices to transform open spaces into real homes. One of the main characteristics of these verandas glass is cut to a good degree of thermal insulation keeping the rooms cool in summer and warm in winter.

The line offers a range of solutions to meet every need. From the shell fixed or motorized ones that open to the simple and elegant glass verandas offering the designer and customers the opportunity to give free rein to their imagination and creativity and maybe make your own terrace in the center of Rome, a meeting place and relax .

The sunroom could also be used for your home in the countryside or by the sea. It is an original way to expand the living spaces and make the environment as comfortable as possible.

The glass verandas are made ​​available in Rome by the Sunroom at the three showrooms Baltera . We look forward to choose the model more in line with your personality and design of your home.

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