Golden rules for designing the bathroom

Shower or bath?? Classic or Zen?? Or whirlpool jets?? Here are the tips needed to design the bathroom according to your lifestyle and your needs.


Tip 1: Analyze the available space before you realize your wildest dreams or decide on the most fashionable of the magazines should know the space you can devote to bathroom, and the exact location of the seats and electrical outlets.

Tip 2: Budget Construction of the bathroom is usually integrated into a general budget construction or rehabilitation of an interior. Therefore, to design, you must consider your taste but also the budget you can allocate to each room for you to be reforms. In the case of bathroom, produces a well-defined budget and stick to it if you want to bring surprises.

Tip 3: Optimize the dimensions from the beginning The bathroom is an important room in a woman’s life, so you should make it as pleasant as possible and maximize space, often reduced to place order. Contrary to popular belief, the bathroom does not have to have a classical distribution (perpendicular toilet and bath), since this is not always the best way to optimize space. intelligence To design your bathroom, pay attention to your habits: you shower or take a bath? I often dream of a bathtub in the end only used at Christmas or when it’s cold. Ask the family if it really is necessary because the trend today is to build large spaces with hydromassage shower or jets. Another option is to place the hot corner.


It is original and does not take up too much space, this is an innovative distribution with respect to the traditional and brings an undeniable charm. Think of the partitions or dividers for space differentiating the shower / bath sink and toilet, and functionality. It is more convenient, for example, place the tap to the side to avoid having to get up while you’re taking a bath and have a tray in which to place objects without losing space utility.

Bathroom Designing

Tip 4: Choosing the order
Be functional! To save space and achieve a comfortable place you order elements equipped with useful and as inconspicuous as possible. Today it is common to find in stores very functional and comfortable furniture suited to tight spaces. Analyzes user space each bathroom need. If you have children, take advantage of the spaces to place order. Think also vertically bathrobes or towels hangers, shelves, etc.
A tip: if your space is limited, place a large mirror to make it look bigger.

Tip 5: Respect the safety rules The electrical installation must comply with current regulations , which establishes three security zones depending on the level of humidity: the sink area (type 1) to the more humid and more danger, the tub or shower (type 3). You must also comply with the directions of all electrical appliances you choose to install in the bathroom.

Tip 6: Lights Lights The choice is very important, because the toilet is a place that we very often twice a day at least morning and night. The presence of a mirror requires good lighting, especially for women: Express waxing, makeup, pimples, etc.. So there has to be enough power to ignore anything but the most natural light possible to avoid surprises with foundation or bronzing powder . If you like fantasy themes you can choose to put light fixtures above the mirror and add a second light most original or degraded: pink bulbs, screens, etc.. You choose remember lighting per base.


Tip 7: Create environment Once you have clear the organization of the bathroom, get to choose the materials, colors and style. Play with all the possibilities to convert this space into a place of conviviality and pleasure.  few tips: scans from the original forms of mirrors, surprises family with cozy shades or zen, choose amazing wall tiles or add touches of silver to the tub with a colored glaze. For the sink there are also new ways zen sink, all round for example. Take inspiration from decorating magazines and do not forget the vinyl stickers, water resistant, with which give a touch of fantasy at very low cost pebbles, orchids and hibiscus flowers. Sure to find some reason you like.
then touch textiles and accessories , so yes, do not burden the space: plays decorate it with a set of pink fabrics for a romantic or completely black for a more fashion.