Good idea A sandy soil


Summer is approaching and we are all looking forward to vacation and sun and beach … but that’s one thing and another thing to be the home arena. You will agree with me that the sand has pros and cons, it’s nice to lie down and walk on it, but it is a nuisance that stain everything and after a day on the beach sand appears everywhere, in bags, in footwear, in the car, at home …

In a boutique hotel near Lisbon in Portugal, Houses na Areia, do not see any downside sand, so much so that they’ve taken into the cabins that rent to guests, namely sand have filled the ground . I recognize that the environment has its charm and the idea of ​​stepping barefoot on the sand seems nice, but otherwise I guess like everything will fill with sand, textiles, sofa … and that I do not like so much.


sandy soil 2

It is clear that this is a holiday environment and will rent a cabin for a few nights, not a place to live, but I still have all the living room floor with sand not see it clearly. Actually it is only the living room, in the bedroom there is no sand, have a normal soil, but I think if there is sand in the sand inevitably end salon also reaching the beds.

Maybe you will think that if the sand is only in the living room can be nice and simply will have to be careful going from one room to another, but personally I think that I do not pay me. To enjoy the sand and the beach is next and I think inside my rest want a smooth clean soil and sand everywhere. And you, what do you think?