Great kitchens with bathroom and bedroom beautiful


The architecture studio u + a Pontevedra, has shared with us images of the restoration of a home from the early twentieth century of 53 square meters located in Vigo. The reform has proceeded inside the emptying of discovering the structure of existing wooden trusses and achieved a perfect balance between old and new.

When you empty inside and remove the divisions and false ceiling that hid the original structure of wooden beams, a new space, existing completely different, which was waiting to be discovered and whose preservation becomes all target and reference intervention. Let’s see what has been the result.


The original house, located on the top floor of a building dating from 1910, was fragmented into five rooms, plus kitchen and bathroom very small, more storage space below deck, with a maximum ridge height of five feet.

Now, after rehabilitation, housing is conceived as a single continuous space articulated by a wooden bucket with three free sides which houses the wetlands of the house and the front of the kitchen which in turn is integrated into the living and dining area.


This is one of the most curious features of the house, which is located in the middle of a large wooden box that houses the front kitchen, toilet, laundry, sinks and shower area and even a small closet, an idea Original both aesthetic and functional level.

This piece, which we can see in the images above and below these lines, is conceived as if it were an element of the furniture, with a concise and independent geometry of the roof of the house and built in maple wood, which is a nod to owner’s taste for Spanish guitars, often built in this material.


Being a rehabilitation work was considered important to keep the reference to the past, recovering elements and building systems that maintain their value over time. This will make the pleasant contrast between old and new housing built with a very modern style.

Light partitions, shutters, front door, wood or wrought floorboards are some old items we can find. The idea is to discover what is already placing it in a new context of time while maintaining its essence and history.



The uses more technical and more demand for facilities and privacy of home are concentrated in the bucket and flow around him other uses, so as to maintain continuity but also visual isolation of each other.

So we can see in the image on these lines, together with the bathroom, the bedroom is on the opposite side of the living area. In previous images we saw kitchen, living and dining room and in all environments remains the same decorative style and a choice of colors very similar.



And to finish our tour in the image above these lines have a detail of the bathroom, which has three and Grohe faucets and sanitary Rock among others. The bathroom as we said is built into the hub which makes the distribution of housing space.

I do not know what I will be like you but I have loved the house. Also say that the project has been a finalist in numerous awards and awarded the 2012 Grand Award Area granted by the delegations of Vigo and Pontevedra Official College of Architects of Galicia.