Great view of the pictures on the wall


One thing that never fails in the decoration of a house are the s photographs. We all love to remember that special moment of the holidays with friends or family, the classic buildings panoramic Yorkers, all self-respecting tourist does in black and white, wonderful beaches, climbing mountains or simply got the first bike ride of our favorite dwarf.

In my case, I am aware that you should let me look, because there is no surface that has no fun photos, panoramic or endearing, really, I have pictures up in the bathroom. So always look for ideas or inspiring Interiorismos allow me to integrate my images in the decoration.


We have seen pictures lined walls, frameless truth that I find too gaudy, but I like the idea of a wall somehow different, that is painted a different color than the rest and with the same color frames go by a collage of photos.


I do not dislike the idea that the wall is how other, and what are different than the picture frames, fluor colors, bright pictures and white but black, clear that the pictures of green landscapes lose much, because it is the color contrast between the blue sky and the green of the mountains what stands out, well and the tops we have achieved.

And you what do you do with the images of your life?