Green bedroom decor spring 2013

Changing colors and to think come spring, decorate the bedroom and other rooms in the house, but we have to take the color. The bedding and curtains and ornaments are our best allies to decorate without spending a lot. And without having to sacrifice all, the appeal.


We can choose the green, you know that green is fashionable in interior decoration 2013, because the emerald green is the color of the year. But it you like, you can bet that can happen for many of its beautiful colors like green mental moss green, lime green, pastel green and more, many more.

And put the issue to decorate bedroom in green tones combine is a spectacular way to decorate especially considering that it is particularly easy. So today this suggestion will certainly your full approval, and is nice and so is cheap and easy.

A delicious combination of shades of green, turned into an environment that is denoted as welcoming, calm and inspiring. Green has its qualities as well to combine well in this proposal with colors like brown and gray, with their brothers in other tones. What is elegant and very natural. Give the note relax to avoid the “very green” using white curtains or adding some natural and artificial flowers to decorate.

Although the color of the wood and that is repeated in the carpet, brown, make up is perfect for bedroom decor and makes us feel the joy of spring as exciting. The bird decorative detail on the carpet, could not be more successful. And all the decoration deserves a 10 so go thinking how beautiful it will look your bedroom.




green-modern-bedroom decor