Having a closet and not die trying

When I analyzed the new floor had no closet, I realized all I needed, for a few I get a “patatús” …. my boy said … DO NOT WORRY YOU WILL HAVE A DRESSING and at that moment, you imagine that big room full of shoes … but no sleep you wake up and realize that neither the space nor the budget allows you to do just scream Heineken advertisement featuring …

The theme is to make a dressing room is no easy task, you start to measure and your spare 40cm on one side, as many other, think of like putting all the shoes and clothes from other seasons, and a coat closet and long dresses and … you say, go fabric … all my life and now wanting a dressing “ma-to” to have closets.

The options vary depending on the budget, but we are finally going to use “THE TEMPLE” as the girls call http://decoracion.facilisimo.com/foros/ to Ikea. Either one will look or go to PAX Antonius system (a system flown low low cost)

armario abierto vestidor con oficina
Both systems are perfect if you want to make a dressing with lots of variety of accessories that suit your needs. The difference to the quality part is that the PAX system has modules you can go locker open or dock doors, however, the system is Antonius everything in sight, the price is much cheaper and does not have many accessories for clothes but with a little imagination and combined with other furniture can get a great and very functional wardrobe.