Headboards with Storage

As we know, there are various types of headboards, as those that are used for decorative purposes, other quilts with different types of carpets to achieve comfort, and this time we show headboards to organize and store various personal items, serving a dual function in the bedroom, as well as look good, help to store books and other accessories for the room.

upholstered headboard king bed

This is a cozy bedroom and youth where the headboard becomes a shelf of books and accessories.This headboard, not as big and spacious as above with small niches help place an alarm clock and other decorations. The headboards s on of great use especially for long narrow bedroom and that replace the bedside tables located next to the bed.

Youth Bedroom and informal cabecerocon with metallic accents and storage space under the bed with several drawers.A more classic bedroom solid wood headboard that includes several spaces available.

A large headboard with wood bedroom set which not only includes but also shelves drawers. Also built-in lights and sliding doors in the middle.

A large headboard with accent and also some spaces that allow you to include some elements that decorate the environment and achieve a modern and welcoming.A feminine bedroom with a bed that can include decorative elements in the header on the front and sides.



kids headboard

nailhead headboard



tufted nailhead headboard

upholstered headboard king

upholstered headboard king target