Help underground irrigation

A good system of underground irrigation can make your garden lush and vital at the same time allowing you to save significant amounts of water. Following this explanatory guide to be able to install yourself an entire irrigation system programmable to operate independently even if you stay away from home for long periods.


First you need to plan on paper the system of underground irrigation. Draw a floor plan on graph paper of your garden using a ratio of a meter to a centimeter and split the area that you want to water in areas considering that each can have a maximum of five pop-up sprinklers. In principle, a pipe with a diameter of four inches at its beginning has a pressure of 3 bar will have nozzles that will cover an area of about four meters. Draw then the location of the jets of so-called pop-up foldaway carefully avoiding that more nozzles wet the same area.

In the second stage installed the set of all the solenoid valves which have the function to open and close the flow of water. Upstream of the solenoid valves is advisable to include the condition of a gate valve that can shut down the entire system in case of maintenance work. At this point you can draw on the garden soil will have to follow the path that the various lines of planting stakes will be placed at the points where the sprinklers. After digging with a spade raceways twenty centimeters deep lay the polyethylene pipe and cut according to the desired measurements by means of an ordinary hacksaw. For fittings used those that are acquired in all of the hardware already printed in the same synthetic material.

You just have to install sprinklers in homes preset pop-up by means of the clamp saddles are the easiest to place already that once positioned the device is sufficient to screw the two bolts on the sides and pierce the polyethylene pipe in the hole output of the sprinkler .


After an initial trial run to check that everything has been arranged in a workmanlike arrangements can be made ​​to fill the channels with the ground and rearrange or sow again turf In this way you will get a perfect circuit underground irrigation which will remain totally invisible to the eye but will ensure your garden the right amount of water daily to avoid any unnecessary waste by seeking help from a skilled electrician can add a programmer capable of delivering water in your absence or during the hours of the day you prefer.