Home and Office in One a Project by CSLS Architects

The object of study was an attic in the city of Huesca, built in 1965. A lawyer and a journalist came up with a new necessity; to live and to work simultaneously in the same space. We wanted to take the most advantage of the useful space of the apartment, which was then wasted by five underused rooms interconnected by obsolete circulation areas. We also wanted to maximize the luminosity of the apartment, given that the layout of the rooms prevented the propagation of light into the interior space.

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This attic named La casa de las jácenas redesigned by CSLS Architects in Huesca was a project that originated due to the fact that it was now to be used as an area of work and to double up as a home, trying to separate both elements and at the same time paying attention to the original morphological character of the loft, the space, the reason of the intervention and not forgetting the surroundings. They made this possible by using a structural mesh as the focal point and which allowed them to incorporate unimaginable spaces that were so needed. The colour scheme stark white and notions of black throughout giving the sensation of space and also being colours with which one can combine easily in the home or in the office. The end result: a pleasurable home cum office comfortable, light and certainly not crowded. Photographer: José Hevia

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