Home decor inside and out


When in our country say that a house is a greenhouse we do in a derogatory manner, as indicating that comes too much sun and heat in summer. But then, what for this weather is crazy, for another may be the solution, or at least I played I Shimado, Tato Architects, to build this house as a series of small greenhouses.

The property in question is located in Yamasaki, a region of Japan in which 90% of the time the sky is completely overcast. The farms of the place turn to greenhouses to maximize what little light comes, and they inspired the architect to design the house so unconventional.


The program is the usual: three bedrooms, lounge, dining room, kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet, only this time it was decided to distribute in a manner somewhat peculiar, because although most of the rooms are on the ground floor, half buried to conserve heat, some are located in small cottages gases that emerge.

Despite being half buried, the access floor is a very bright, thanks not only to the abundant windows, but the diffuse skylight providing greenhouses, which act as large skylights thanks to being built with sheets of polycarbonate, a translucent material.


This floor has a large lounge, a dining area and kitchen, all in one continuous space and broken, that can recognize each zone and create some independence but without breaking the flow. There are also two bedrooms, a small bathroom and a closet.

On the top floor is the master bathroom, a small work area and another room, plus a large outdoor terrace which can be accessed from any of these rooms. The terrace is quite nice, like a little square with benches on which to sit and read and enjoy some sunshine that slips through the clouds.


House gases – 5

So far, very interesting, although the architect’s innovative approach has some small sticks. The biggest problem is that having three separate cabins on the upper deck, takes three steps to climb, if he had to go through foreign-mortgaged so much circulation space on both floors.


To minimize this small drawback, it has opted for very steep stairs, to the point that two of the three (the going up to the office and another room) are ladders, while that leads to the large bathroom floor higher, although more comfortable, still seems extremely vertically.


It is true that the bathroom in one of the greenhouses is magnificent, lots of light, room for a separate area of sinks, shower, bathtub and even what looks like a sauna, but it is a bit strange to have to go up one floor to shower or wash face, not to mention that if anything strange is that the toilet and the rest of the bathroom are on different floors as noticing the planes, there seems to be one in the master bath.


However, even though the functionality is the cornerstone of this house, I think it has gotten a great space to living space, cozy and bright, something that given the location I think is very commendable, for it is see in the pictures that the sun shines by its absence.

Perhaps not everyone would be willing to live in a house gases like who also live in a large windows, but I sincerely believe that the architect ingeniously solved all the challenges posed to him the location, the program and wishes customer.