Home made of recycled plastic landfill

When the goal is to reduce the accumulation of garbage in the streets recycling bottles and plastic-hard materials degrade over time, to build affordable housing, one of the best examples is provided Nevhouse, which builds houses completely recycled, now see material generated for construction and interior design and exterior of this type of housing.

Home made of recycled plastic landfill

Homes made from recycled plastic
The composite recycling (CRPC for its acronym in English: Composite recycled plastic compound) allows the building of houses at low prices, the company operates in Singapore Nevhouse works often partnering with NGOs to provide housing for the poorest of city, improving your lifestyle and also some areas of the city where trash accumulates.

Recycled Plastic Nevhouses Provide Cheap Housing

House built from recycled materials
The renovated house enables access by air to the interior design of your walls, a gable roof and broad flown protect it from rain and sunlight (design: Nevhouse ) .

Plastic Bottle Homes and Greenhouses

The recycled material helps reduce debris buildup
Some areas of the city can become landfill so they are a threat to public health, the best practical solution known so far is recycling and even better if it is possible that the plastic-malleable material and easily combustion- houses can be manufactured resistant to fire and earthquakes as CRPC.

Road Bridge Made from Recycled Plastics

Bottles and recyclable materials to make homes
In some developing countries there are problems with the accumulation and collection of garbage, make homes using recycled materials improves two aspects, one is manufacturing friendly homes for low-resource and other eco decreasing solid waste in the city . The internal layout of the house is simple and follows a grid for flat.